Result list

If your search is successful, a result list will be displayed.

This page features the following information:

  • the number of documents found that match the criteria
  • the search criteria used
  • the results (either in compact or extended view format) displayed as a selectable title, together with part of the corresponding bibliographic data .

The maximum number of hits per query is 10 000, but only 500 results are displayed, 25 at a time, in the extended view format.

The highlighting of the searched terms is activated by default. To deactivate it deselect the relevant box under the Settings tab.


It is not always possible to know immediately following a search exactly how many results will be displayed. In such cases, an approximate number is given, which is generally slightly higher than the actual number of results. This approximate number might change as you go through the results pages, as we only display one patent document per family (i.e. duplicates are eliminated).

Documents in the result list are listed according to the date they were included in the Espacenet database and not necessarily according to their publication date.

Click on Refine search in the breadcrumb navigation in order to refine your search.

If you select the compact view format, up to 50 patent documents at a time are displayed with their title and publication number with kind code and date.

The space for displaying names/symbols in the extended view format is limited. If there is a number displayed in brackets next to the name and/or classification - for example (+3) - this indicates how many more names/symbols can be viewed by clicking on the patent title.

If the number of hits is less than 500, the complete result list can be sorted in ascending or descending order by Upload Date, Priority Date, Inventor, Applicant or CPC.

Not all documents in the database have an English-language title. These documents are shown with their original title.

Selecting a patent document title allows you to view detailed information on this document.

Clicking on a non-patent literature (XP) document in the result list opens a new window containing bibliographic data and, where available, a link to an external provider.

The result list, containing 50 documents in compact mode or 25 in extended mode, can be exported page by page to another application.

If you select patent documents by activating the checkbox next to the title, you can download the first pages of these documents in a single PDF file by selecting Download covers. If you select all the documents in the list (by activating the Select all checkbox), you can download a maximum of 25 documents in the extended view format or 50 in the compact view format, in a single PDF file.

Clicking on the star beside a document lets you store that document in your My patents list.

You can activate the Classification popup for classification symbols under the Settings tab. If you hover over a symbol, a popup will appear showing information about its hierarchical classification structure.

Clicking on the RSS icon adds the URL of the result list as a feed to the RSS client installed on your machine. Each click creates a new RSS feed.

For more information on Espacenet, see the following pages: